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Graphics you can prepare yourself

Bibliobox_PantoneDo you want to prepare your own graphics? Work together with a graphic designer, who has the best ideas?

We have prepared a simple manual for you on how to prepare print data.

To prepare graphics open prepared templates:


Templates contain these layers:

Marks: Do not change this layer. The layer MUST be located in the output print file.

Full bleed: In the preparation of graphics maintain the given 5 cm full bleed. This layer MUST NOT be in the output print file. You can turn it off when transferring to the print file.

Outline: This layer gives a preview of the final appearance. All texts must be situated at minimum 3 cm inside the Bibliobox outline. This will avoid potential cutting off. This layer MUST NOT be in the output print file. So it has to be turned off before transfer to the print file.

Graphics: Place your Bibliobox graphics in this layer. Layer MUST be situated in the output print file.

Preferred formats for printing:

We accept data in CorelDRAW to version 14, Adobe Illustrator to version CS5.

In the case of adding data in cdr or ai, it is necessary for texts to be converted to graphics.
colour space - CMYK.
Setting file size and resolution:
Ratio: 1:1
Resolution: 150 dpi

We recommend creating PDF by printing to Postscript and then transfer to PDF through Adobe Acrobat Distiller.

We do not recommend creating PDF through individual applications (Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress, CorelDRAW and others.) – complications may arise in processing in RIP. Always put in data for printing with compatible transparencies.

Due to the need to maintain colour of print we require colour view or colour specificity according to PANTONE patterns (valid for vector graphics).

In the case of not using colour specificity we will not accept responsibility for the requested print colour. Responsibility will be borne by the client.

We ask for understanding when despite our attempt to maintain print colour according to the specified data it is not possible, for technological reasons, to achieve 100% conformity.

Delivering documentation:
CD, DVD, Flash disk, portable HDD, e-mail (to 5Mb), FTP server

In the case that print documentation is not delivered according to the instructions stated above, we will return documentation for reworking, or we will charge for preparation of graphics.