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BiblioboxWhere they already have one...

The first two self-service boxes for book return were purchased in 2007 by the Karlovy Vary regional library.

The popularity of the Bibliobox has grown from year to year. By the end of 2011 libraries in Slovakia and the Czech Republic had ordered almost 40 Biblioboxes.

We asked libraries to share their experience in order to help you decide if the Bibliobox could be a solution which would expand the services offered by your library, and increase its services.

Western Bohemia University in PlzenWestern Bohemia University in Plzen, CZ

When at the end of 2011 we at last purchased two new Biblioboxes, the basic idea was clear...
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Bibliobox_TrnavaJuraj Fándly Public Library in Trnava, SK

One advantage of locating Bibliobox away from the library building is also a means of advertising the library... read more »

Bibliobox_PetrzalkaPetržalka City Library, Bratislava, SK

Readers were taking advantage of the opportunity to return books through over the Christmas holidays, when the library itself was closed. read more »

Bibliobox_PopradPodtatranská Public Library in Poprad, SK

Sometimes we also find books people wish to donate to the library in the Bibliobox, and of course we have nothing against this. read more »

Agricultural and Food Sciences Library, CZ

If you asked one of my witty colleagues (and I know which one of them would answer like this), she would probably say something like: "So that ..." read more »

City Library, Jablonec nad Nisou, CZ

Bibliobox as a new element on the square catches the interest of passers-by due to its form and graphic arrangement.
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Charles University in Prague, CZ

As a librarian, I stroke it and thank it every morning, that most faithful colleague, always at its post, uncomplaining, doing precisely what it should. read more »

Catholic University - Ružomberok, SK

Biblioboxes contribute positively to upgrading the quality of library services, and borrowers appreciate this simple way of returning books since it saves them time... read more »

Mladá Boleslav City Library, CZ

Bibliobox has been in operation for over a year, and its purchase has proved to be a good investment. It has extended the services of the library in the right direction. read more »

Kutná Hora Regional Library, CZ

By the way, Bibliobox has become a favourite with our print deliveryman, who drops his invoices in it. :-)
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