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Installation of the Bibliobox is easy and simple – you can do it yourself. If not, you can order installation together with the Bibliobox.

What you need for installation

Part of the Bibliobox kit is the necessary installation material:

  • assembly template
  • dowels
  • screws
  • 13mm assembly spanner for tightening screws

You will also need a screwdriver – the most suitable is impact type, and a 10 mm diameter borer for drilling into the surface at the installation place.

Installation procedure

  • Choose a suitable flat place for installing the Bibliobox. The surface must be firm and capable of holding 60 mm long dowels. In the case that the surface does not fulfill these conditions, we recommend using a chemical anchor.
  • Place the supplied assembly template at the selected place.
  • Through the openings in the assembly template with an impact drill and a suitable borer with a 10 mm diameter drill holes to a depth of 75 mm.
  • Remove the assembly template.
  • Insert the supplied dowels into the drilled holes.
  • Place the Bibliobox in the place prepared for it. Check if the drilled holes match up with the anchor footing openings inside the Bibliobox.
  • Screw the Bibliobox to the ground with the screws supplied.